your guide, betty

What is this?

Counter question! What is a like? What does it say? Is that concept really informative? Here you can choose from 10 diverse, strong and meaningful statements and follow others. People say it's like a twitter for personal taste. If this seems simple - well, it is.

Who is this blonde chick?

That's Betty. She is a person of format. About 156 years old, she witnessed the global victory march of popular culture and now works as a brand manager for covert art operations. Guerilla style.

This is way too colorful.

Colorful? You should never surf the net without protection. But please do check out the styleguides of Allianz insurances, Facebook and Blue White 98 Schenefeld. Thank you.

Can i get my own email forwarding @ du.sagst.es?

Why sure. Just drop a note to service@du.sagst.es with your desired email-address and we'll get back to you.

Is that all?

No. We're running a public beta, snafu. More features along the way.